We’re at Ustwo!

We are super excited to be joining Ustwo for the next couple of months as part of the Ustwo Adventure fampany. Ustwo is arguably one of the best design companies in the world. We have ambitions to be one of the best designed health applications in the world. We’d say that’s a perfect match!!

Early stages of our design

The experience of managing one’s medications is annoyingly difficult. Suvera is a healthcare start up with a clear vision to enable the everyday individual to easily manage their health. We are working on developing an end to end experience to allow individuals across the UK and possibly the world to easily manage their prescriptions. What […]

From the beginning

The story for Suvera all began with a simple question? Why do people struggle to take their medications? Thanks to the awfully boring selection of Student selected components (SSCs) projects during my second year of medical school, I decided to create my own independent study project to find some answers. For 8 weeks every Friday […]

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